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Track Listing

1. After The Death (Going For Glory)
2. Long Shadows (Year)
3. The Grey Funnel Line (Silly Sisters)
4. Baggy Pants (Woman In The Wings)
5. Rose (Happy Families)
6. Commit The Crime (Hooked On Winning)
7. Bewcastle (Happy Families – single mix)
8. Mater Dolorosa (new)
9. Woman In The Wings (Woman In The Wings)
10. Face To Face (Hooked On Winning)
11. Doffin’ Mistress (Silly Sisters)
12. Mother And Child (Woman In The Wings)
13. Accapella Stella (Changing Winds)
14. The Sovereign Prince (new version)
15. Deep In The Darkest Night (new version)
16. Alex (Happy Families)
17. Pater Noster (Going For Glory)
18. Allelujah (Going For Glory)