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PRKNP31 – Steeleye Span – Tempted And Tried




Tempted and Tried is the 13th studio album by the electric folk band Steeleye Span. The album was recorded after a three-year hiatus after the release of Back in Line.

“Padstow” (Traditional) – 3:03
“The Fox” (Knight) – 3:02
“Two Butchers” (Johnson, Traditional) – 4:49
“Following Me” (Knight) – 3:38
“Seagull” (Peter Knight) – 4:32
“The Cruel Mother” – 5:36
“Jack Hall” (Bob Johnson, Traditional) – 3:57
“Searching for Lambs” – 4:12
“Shaking of the Sheets” (Johnson, Traditional) – 4:11
“Reels: The First House in Connaught/Sailor’s Bonnet” – 2:48
“Betsy Bell and Mary Gray” (Child 201) – 4:59


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