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‘The Goblin Market’

Based on Christina Rossetti’s famous 19th Century poem ” Goblin Market “, author John Matthews set out to adapt the themes in the poem to create a variation on the traditional tarot alongside a guide book. The cards were illustrated by renowned artist Charles Newington. Charles then spoke to his friend Julian Littman about the project, recalling an old unpublished book he illustrated to accompany the CD ” A Musical Interlude with Mr Edward Lear “, with Spike Milligan narrating, all composed and produced by Julian. Julian was intrigued with this new project and the idea of the Goblin poem and so wrote and produced a concept album with all members of Steeleye and Jane Milligan.

This concept album was produced and mostly written by Julian Littman and features all the current members of Steeleye Span. Spud Sinclair and Jessie May Smart wrote a song each whilst Maddy Prior sings lead on one track. The album has themes in the music that are similar to the Steeleye concept album ‘Wintersmith’. The album also features Jane Milligan, daughter of Spike Milligan with whom Julian worked with in the past, and Caitlin Mathews, wife of John Matthews the author of the Tarot guide book.


1. Temptation
2. Seduction
3. Admonition
4. Addiction
5. Sacrifice
6. Salvation And Remembrance