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A true legend of British music, Maddy Prior has built her long career on exploring various musical avenues. 3 For Joy is no exception, a further exploration of the tradition that Maddy loves so much alongside two musical partners. Together with Giles Lewin of the Carnival Band (who played on Maddy’s last solo album, 2008’s Seven For Old England) and accordion player Hannah James, the singer crafted an album that sits perfectly within her canon. There are elements that stretch back to her very first recordings with Tim Hart, others that are completely new. As ever, the material on the record reflects Maddy’s passion for seeking out new sources and inspiration – all seemingly disparate origins yet brought together into one natural whole by Prior and her remarkable collaborators.

Track Listing

Lock the door Larriston/As a thoiseach
The Raiders
Brisk Young Widow
Doffin Mistress
Serving Girl’s Holiday
Of All The Birds
Gankino Horo
Nauchila sa hubava Doina
An Undoing World/Der Glater Bulgar
Factory Girl/Buck Dance
Wondrous Love
Oh My Nanny