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The Green Man Collection brings together tracks from their recent albums with new versions of three Steeleye classics (including a reworking of ‘Hard Times’ featuring Status Quo’s Francis Rossi) and a cover of Elvis Costello’s ‘Shipbuilding’.

The title track is of special interest to Steeleye fans, a song by Bob Johnson – who was a member of the band throughout the early years and responsible for many of their classic ballads from that era.

Previously lost for 40 years, the song addressed the issue of climate change long before it became such a widespread topic.

The Green Man Collection will be released online and for mail order from Friday 1st December 2023

1 Green Man 2023
2 Hard Times of Old England (feat. Francis Rossi)
3 Hey Nonny Violence
4 Ship Building
5 Jack Hall
6 New York Girls
7 Old Matron (feat. Ian Anderson)
8 Dodgy Bastards
9 The Gardner
10 Cruel Brother
11 Harvest
12 January Man
13 Green Man from around the 1980s
14 Edward (Live)
15 Sir James The Rose (Live)