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HORKSOW Cover Scan

Released in 1998, it is the band’s 15th album, and the first album the band recorded without founding member Maddy Prior. Gay Woods provides most of the lead vocals. The tunes tend to be simpler and the performances more subdued, and in some ways the album is a return to the sound the band had on its first three albums. The album also has a strong Irish influence, with songs such as “The Old Turf Fire”, “Erin”, “The Bonny Irish Boy”, and “The Parting Glass” all being of Irish origin. Woods’ vocal style is distinctly different from Prior’s, being more earthy.

Track listing

“The Old Turf Fire”
“The Tricks of London”
“Horkstow Grange”
“Lord Randall”
“Queen Mary/Hunsden House”
“Bonny Birdy”
“Bonny Irish Boy”
“I Wish That I Never Was Wed”
“One True Love”
“The Parting Glass”