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Winter as the name might suggest is a record that takes a broader view of the season than just concentrating on the joys (or otherwise) of just one day in December. As is often the case, it is an instrumental track that sums up the mood of the album more than any words. Peter Knight’s beautiful title track encapsulates the atmosphere of a cool, still winter’s morning in a way that you would think impossible.
That of course is the beauty of Steeleye Span. They have spent their musical life making the impossible possible, bringing to life the tales and characters of hundreds of years ago, making songs such as ‘The Blackleg Miner’ relevant to modern events. The personnel may have changed but that ethos has always remained the same.
Perhaps inspired by Maddy’s previous seasonal work with the Carnival Band, Winter takes in the obscure and unknown as well as the famous. Thus tracks such as ‘Down In Yon Forest’, ‘Blow Your Trumpet Gabriel’ and ‘Mistletoe Bough’ sit alongside ‘The First Nowell, ‘In The Bleak Midwinter’ and ‘Good King Wenceslas’. Yet these well known tunes are given their own musical makeover, presented in the unique way that still retains their spirit and feel. Indeed this is a classic sounding Steeleye Span record, one that lets the material and playing set the mood without resorting to a string of studio tricks and gimmicks. Winter is an album for Christmas certainly, but not one Just for Christmas.

Track Listing

1. Winter
2. The First Noel
3. Sing we the Virgin Mary
4. In the Bleak Midwinter
5. Today in Bethlehem
6. Mistletoe Bough
7. Down inYon Forest
8. Hark the Herald Angels Sing
9. Chanticleer
10. Winter Snow
11. Blow your Trumpet Gabriel
12. Bright Morning Star
13. Good King Wenceslas
15. Unconquered Son