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Sandra & Nancy Kerr & James Fagan – Scalene CD

1. “The Scalene Set” Rosie Davis The Dancer/Michaely’s Bow/Hannah May’s
2. Canny Hobbie Elliot/The Bonny Pit Laddie
3. The Cheviot Hills
4. Bob and Joan/Sunderland Lasses/ZenAir
5. Van Diemans’s Land
6. The Cruel Mother
7. Jeanette’s Waltz
8. Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies
9. Port ‘n’ Brandy
10. Jigs Random Notes/The First Ten Years/Meers Brook
11. Buy Brooms Besoms/Our Cat Has Knitted
12. Sir Walter Raliegh
13. Here’s The Tender Coming
14. Kati in die Schnee/Molly’s Jig