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The Beatles – On The Road DVD

The influence of THE BEATLES on the course of the contemporary popular music and, indeed, upon the lifestyle of a generation can hardly be underestimated. For the larger part of the Swinging Sixties their music and fashions made headlines throughout the world. During that time a great deal of material was captured on newsreel footage that has become a unique historic record of not only their great career but also the decade.

This documentary video fratures a compilation of the footage and includes film of their first US tour, the visit to Japan, promotional appearances with other artists, press conferences together with more considered thoughts as the band began to break up.

Although not featuring the music of THE BEATLES this video provides a unique reminder of the Sixties and a time when the influence of British acts was at its peak. Of those acts non were more influential than THE BEATLES and this documenyary is an essential record of those times.

Nigel Molden
October 1990

Duration: 50 minutes