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For any artist to discover new inspiration after many years is a huge challenge yet this is just what Steeleye Span achieved with Wintersmith, the 22nd studio album in a remarkable career. Born from their friendship with author Terry Pratchett, their musical interpretation of his novel provided them with a gateway to a magical world, allowing the band to explore familiar themes in the company of a new set of characters – all of whom allow Steeleye to delve into the darker side of their music.

Received warmly by both critics and audience – Wintersmith saw Steeleye return to the UK album charts – the resulting concert tour was a celebration of both the past and the present. With violinist Peter Knight making his farewell, these live shows marked a major chapter in the band’s history. Filmed in Salisbury, the Wintersmith DVD captures all the magic – especially fitting as Pratchett was in the audience and joined them on stage. This is the perfect record of a special meeting of minds.


Track Listing
1. Cold Haily
2. The Weaver / The Factory Maid
3. The Making Of A Man
4. You
5. Ancient Eyes
6. The Dark Morris Tune
7. The Dark Morris Song
8. Thomas The Rhymer
9. Seagull
10. Blackleg Miner
11. The Summer Lady
12. Crown Of Ice
13. We Shall Wear Midnight
14. Saucy Sailor
15. Edward
16. The Bony Black Hare
17. All Around My Hat