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Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band – Hang Up Sorrow & Care CD

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Track Listing

01. Prodigal’s Resolution (Anon 18th century)
02. 5 Playford Tunes (from Playford’s “English Dancing Master”)
03. The World is Turned Upside Down (Anon 17th cent)
04. Jovial Beggar (Anon 17th cent)
05. Leathern Bottle (Anon 17th cent)
06. Iantha (Anon English 18th cent)
07. An Thou were my ain Thing (Anon Scottish 18th cent)
08. Oh that I had but a Fine Man (Pelham Humphry)
09. Now O Now I needs must part (John Dowland)
10. Man is for the Woman made (Henry Purcell)
11. A Northern Catche/The Little Barleycorne (John Hilton/Trad)
12. Granny’s Delight/My Lady Foster’s Delight (Anon 18th cent)
13. A Round of Three Country Dances in One (Thomas Ravenscroft)
14. Youth’s the Season Made for Joys (Words: John Gay/Tune: anon)
15. In The Days of my Youth (Words: John Gay/Tune: anon)
16. Never weatherbeaten sail (Thomas Campion)
17. Old Simon the King (Anon)


Maddy Prior: vocals
William Badley: baroque guitar, lute, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, banjo mandolin, vocals
Andrew Davis: double bass
Giles Lewin: violin, recorders, hoboy, mandolin, vocals
Andrew Watts: Flemish bagpipes, shalmes, curtals, recorders, melodica, kazoo, vocals
Rafaello Mizraki: drums, percussion, cello, Hammond organ, vocals