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Flesh & Blood is the great follow up to Maddy’s solo album Year (released 1994) which had a fantastic reception worldwide.

While remaining faithful to her love of traditional music, the album heralds the pioneering of fresh approaches, combining mythological legends, traditional folklore and her experiences of life. Maddy has collected a range of material, from the traditional to the work of Todd Rundgren and G.K.Chesterton, as well the studdied eloquance of her writing partner Rick Kemp.

With THAT voice sounding stronger than ever, Maddy has found her perfect musical partners for this project. Joining the emotive keyboards of long term collaborater Nick Holland is the multi-instrumentalist Troy Donockley, who contributes uillean pipes, guitars, cittern and whistles. Together they provide an inspirational collection of songs with a backdrop rich with colours and emotion.
“Never afraid to take chances, with ‘Flesh & Blood’ Maddy Prior has delivered an album which knows what it is to be English while hinting at the darker side of your soul and enjoys boundless celebration of spirit. A work of stature, revelry and consideration from the voice of Albion” – Simon Jones, Folk Roots

Track Listing
1. Sheath & Knife [5:40]
2. The Rolling English Road [3:32]
3. Honest Work [3:16]
4. Finlandia [3:41]
5. Hind Horn [5:50]
6. Bitter Withy [3:18]
Dramatis Personae
7. Who Am I? [2:52]
8. Cruel Mother [3:44]
9. Boy on a Horse [3:42]
10. Jade [3:34]
11. Brother Lawrence [3:56]
12. The Laugh and the Kiss [2:03]
13. The Point [0:09]
14. Heart of Stone [6.19]