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Kathryn Tickell – The Gathering CD


On this album Kathryn is joined by Ian Carr on guitar and Neil Harland on bass, together with guest musicians Paul Flush on piano, and Brendan Power on harmonica, the latter contributing ‘Reel Blues Reel’. Some very old traditional material here: ‘Lads of Alnwick/Sunderland Lasses/Peacocks March’, a traditional Northumbrian set of tunes, and ‘Green Brechans O’Branton/I Saw My Love Come Passing by Me’, two very old Northumbrian piping tunes. These sit perfectly alongside Kathryn’s own compositions, ‘Raincheck’ and ‘Mr. Nelson’s Birthday Waltz’.

 Track Listing

  1. Raincheck
  2. Lads of Alnwick / Sunderland Lasses / Peacocks’ March
  3. Redesdale
  4. La Bettaile dans la Pétit Arbre / Acharavi Waltz
  5. The Gathering
  6. Kate’s House
  7. Reel Blues Reel
  8. St. Kilda Wedding / Pjptr
  9. Green Brechans O’Branton / I Saw My Love
  10. Tune for Matt Robson / Kathleen
  11. Mr Nelson’s Birthday Waltz

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