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SS 35 Tour

In an age when bands seem to come and go in the blink of an eye, an occasion such as a thirty fifth anniversary is one that just has to be marked. Such it was for Steeleye Span, who decided to celebrate the best way they know how – by taking their music of the people to the people across the country. With a line-up featuring names from every period of the band’s illustrious history, the music captured here also reflects every aspect of their stunning career – from their earliest adventures into electric folk through to their commercial heyday and latter work. This is not only the first time that all these individual personalities have been in the same band at the same time, it is also the first time that the magic of Steeleye Span in concert has been caught especially for DVD. Let the celebrations begin….



Maddy Prior, vocals;
Peter Knight, violin, vocals;
Ken Nicol, guitars, vocals;
Rick Kemp, bass, vocals;
Liam Genockey, drums, percussion


Set 1

King Henry
Prince Charlie Stuart
Four Nights Drunk
Who Told the Butcher?
Mantle of Green
Long Lankin
All Around My Hat

Set 2

Tam Lin
Let Her Go Down
Liam’s Drum Solo
Drink Down the Moon (
Si Begh Si Mohr
Betsy Bell and Mary Gray
They Called Her Babylon
The Blackleg Miner
Sir James the Rose
Van Diemen’s Land

Encores / Extra Features

Cam Ye O’er Frae France
Steeleye Span Interview