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A dynamic & exotic live act who bring a different & original slant to the world of folk has now been captured on record with their début album for all to hear. This album sees them take English music into a global context. Moonshee represent the point where the east meets the west, where the past meets the future. With a shared history that includes work with the likes of Paul Weller, Kumar Bose, Bombay Dub Orchestra, Noel Gallagher and Sir Paul McCartney, Moonshee “interweave their skills to create something magical and entirely natural.”(Phil Udell State Magazine musical line-up features sitar, tablas, South American percussion, Celtic fiddle and harp plus vocals from the Indian, Irish and English folk tradition. A cultural melting pot, the band are true musical tourists – pick any moment from this début album at random and you’ll find the sound of traditional England, bhangra and Indian folk tunes, Irish fiddle or harp and a range of harmony vocals from across the spectrum giving an indication of the directions that they are set to take their extraordinary music.

The record is full of enough twists and turns to take it from the realms of the pleasant into a more intriguing place. The all female frontline brings a sweetness and lightness of touch, although they are anything but throwaway. There is a real sense of musical intelligence at work, not least on the fantastic ‘Love & The Grace’ and a version of ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ that builds on the Eastern promise of the original and makes it their own. Indeed, it is the story of the whole record. With their debut album, Moonshee have taken a world of music and created their own identity. ”

Track listing

Bold Riley
Fair and Tender Ladies
The Emigrant
Candleford Anthem
Eleanor Plunket (Instrumental)
Love & Grace
I Love not Where I live
Green Grasses
Polly Vaughan
Water is Wide
Cortina Reel Mk 111 ….(Instrumental)
Tomorrow Never Knows