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The Carnival Band – Hoi Polloi CD

“Hoi polloi” – the majority, the masses, the rabble (Concise Oxford Dictionary)

Hoi Polloi is an album of the music of the common people (whether it’s played by a rabble is open for debate), the people of the Cajun South (La Dance Carree), the Ukraine (Dovbush Kozak – a Robin Hood character and definitely one of the hoi polloi) and 1950s Cuba (Marta / San Remo). The concept of turning the world upside down is clear throughout as Latin brass sections are replaced with medieval shawms and renaissnace curtals and a Macedonian tune is given a reggae backing. Elsewhere the band visit the music of Africa, Eastern Europe and America. The result is an album where no two tracks sound the same and the listener is taken on both a geographical and historical journey.


1. La Danse Carree
2. Bransles De Poictou
3. Banjski Cocek
4. Bear Cat Mama
5. Kothbiro
6. Marta / San Remo
7. Dovbush Kozak
8. Jovane Jovanke / Potrceno / Dracevka
9. Vals / Goddesses / Old Joe Clark
10. Ductia / African Estampie
11. Strudelpolka / The Bash