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Maddy Prior: Ballads & Candles Live DVD

After thirty five years and thirty five albums, in December 1999, Maddy Prior Celebrated her 35 Year career with 3 very special concerts of Ballads & Candles, A journey through mythology, tradition and history: English, Celtic and beyond. Maddy visited all points of her career from the earliest days with Tim Hart, Steeleye Span & June Tabor through to her album Ravenchild as well as bringing her unique touch to the festivities of the season with carols like The Boar’s Head. The Live Show Featured June Tabor, Peter Knight, RickKemp, Nick Holland and Troy Donockley. And it’s here, captured on dvd for all.

Sheath and Knife (excerpt)
My Husband’s got No Courage In Him
Mother and Child (excerpt)
Fiddle solo (excerpt)
Peter Knight
Winersong (excerpt) – Rose Kemp
Long Shadows
The Great Silkie of Sule Skerrie
Hind Horn
Blood and Gold
Doffing Mistress
A Virgin most Pure
Lark in the Morning
Bonus Feat : Tribal Warriors, The Boars Head
Also includes: Maddy Prior Slide Show

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