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Katie Doherty – Bridges CD

It is extremely fitting that the title of the debut album from Katie Doherty should be Bridges. Not only is it representative of the links between her different musical worlds but it was the very song that first brought her into the public eye when a panel including Guy Chambers and Andy McCluskey awarded her the Musicians Benevolent Fund National Award for Song Creation for the track. It was an apt recognition of Doherty’s skills. One of a growing number of young performers who take inspiration from the folk tradition, Doherty is able to invoke a world of mystery, intrigue and timeless magic that would honour any classic folk song.

Doherty is very much a product of the new world of traditional music. So far in her career she has toured alongside Kathryn Tickell as part of the Nu Routes showcase and graduated with a first class honours degree in folk music, followed by a Masters. Although extremely well versed in the traditional medium, Katie’s musical outlook is broad – one of her most memorable experiences was a residency with the renowned musician, producer and composer Nitin Sawhney. Earlier this year she proved to be one of the highlights of Steeleye Span’s own Spanfest and has recently completed a stint as the musical director for the RSC’s production of ‘As You Like It’

The sum of these experiences will be able to be heard on Bridges.. Using a collection of talented young traditional musicians to provide a backdrop for her songs, Doherty sings in a voice beyond her years and with an engaging confidence. Drawing on influences from Martyn Bennet and Ella Fitzgerald to Tori Amos and Basement Jaxx, her music offers a welcome recognition factor alongside the excitement that here is an artist with the ability to move traditional music another step along its fascinating journey. These songs may not be from the established folk songbook but they are fashioned from the same passion, knowledge and motivation. Likewise Katie Doherty is an artist who looks set to stake her place amongst the elite.

Track Listing

1. Bridges (Words and Music: K. Doherty) 4.24

2. Beautiful Colour (Words and Music: K. Doherty) 4.52

3. Sing Softly (Words and Music: K. Doherty) 3.41

4. Lady Midas (Words and Music: K. Doherty, inspired by
Searching for Lambs, Trad.) 3.31

5. Winter is Past (Words: Burns, Music: K. Doherty) 4.06

6. Snow Dove (Words: Trad., Music: K. Doherty) 4.13

7. Port and Brandy (Words and Music: Nancy Kerr) 3.39

8. Bonnie Laddie (Words and Music: K. Doherty) 5.10

9. Listen (Words and Music: K. Doherty) 3.39

10. Something Warmer (Words and Music: K. Doherty, featuring extracts of Copernicus by Rob Harboron: MCPS/PRS) 5.00

11. Sittin’ on Top of the World (Words and Music:
The Mississippi Sheiks) 2.08

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