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Matt & Sueleen: One by One CD

When the BBC launched the TV series The Voice in 2012, its professed aim was to provide an alternative to the manufactured pop of other reality shows. For once, the focus was to be entirely on musical talent. In the shape of duo Matt and Sueleen the programme found the perfect example. Mentored by Sir Tom Jones, an artist who has explored the more organic, acoustic side of his repertoire of late, the pair were given the opportunity to take their music onto a national stage – one that they took full advantage of.

Garnering support from the public and the judges string of superb performances over a month on the show the duo, who have been performing together for nearly a decade, have moved onto the next chapter of their career. Inspired by Will.i.am’s assertion that “when you guys are putting out music of your own, and touring and writing songs that are yours, I just can’t wait to see that”, they have mixed cover versions with their love of writing. Thus the pair follow debut single, the original ‘That’s Where I Belong’, with a perhaps less obvious choice. Taken from the Velvet Underground’s self-titled third album, ‘Some Kinda Love’ saw the influential US band adopt a more subtle, folk rock influenced sound making ideal for Matt and Sueleen’s exquisite harmonies and inspired take on acoustic Americana.


Dawn Chorus
Gypsy Davey
Some Kinda Love
Hurt Locker
Banks Of The Nile
Bucket Boy Blues
A Year In Provence
One By One
Where I Belong
Nice To Know You
Promises For You

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