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Looking For A Grail Legend DVD

Of all the historical myths that have been handed down across the centuries, none has held the world in such thrall as that of the Holy Grail. It has been one of the key links between the biblical and modern world and has prompted a search that has inspired historians, theologians, novelists and finally Hollywood film makers through ‘The Da Vinci Code’. Yet perhaps the most astonishing part of the tale its supposed path through the British Isles, that Joseph of Arimathea visited as a trader, that he was carrying the Holy Grail, even that at one point he brought with him the young Jesus.

An island rooted in history and mythology, Britain is a place where fact and fiction have long intertwined. They have resulted in a host of legends that have come to define our national identity. The origins of these stories have become lost in the midst of time, with their historical and fictional elements proving harder and harder to separate.

Looking For A Legend sets out to unearth the truth, to examine the folklore and the real stories behind them. It journeys to some of the most famous places in Britain and talks to historians, visitors and the people who live in them to try and discover what makes them so special.

Starting out in Joseph of Arimathea’s Glastonbury – the most famous of them all – the series also examines the legend of King Arthur & Tintagel and the Knights Templar. All are connected by their relationship to the Grail, yet are also joined by Ley Lines, history and modern discoveries. Their influence on British society and culture has been huge, leading them to become focal points for mysticism, religion and alternative beliefs. The series concludes in the spectacular setting of Rosslyn Chapel, examining the long held belief that this was the final resting place for the Grail.

The story of the Holy Grail is one that has fascinated and inspired down the ages and continues to do so to this day, perhaps more now than ever. It is a story that has inspired people to go to extraordinary lengths and it is one that has its roots in the very earth upon which we tread everyday. And it is a story that will leave you amazed at just what the future may hold.

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