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Babylon 1

They Called Her Babylon is an album that immediately fits into the band’s distinguished cannon. To call it ‘classic’ Steeleye Span may be somewhat lazy, but that is what it is. Their calling cards are still there – the fascinating interpretations of traditional tales, the choral harmonies, the blend of powerful rock with evocative, lyrical instrumentation – all presented with a mixture of experience and inspiration. As has ever been the case, They Called Her Babylon sees the band combining the past, present and future in one timeless whole.

Track Listing

1. Van Diemen’s Land

2. Samain

3. Heir of Linne

4. Bride’s Farewell

5. They Called Her Babylon

6. Mantle of Green

7. Bede’s Death Song

8. Diversus And Lazarus

9. Si Begh Si Mohr

10. Child Owlet

11. What’sThe Life Of A Man?